Rice Rollers:
  • Longer life of abrasive rollers
  • Whitening obtained better than any other abrasive rollers
  • Minimum breaking of rice during whitening
  • Capable to manufacture abrasive rollers as per customer requirement
  • We supply individually balanced rollers in all sizes
  • Can be supplied with mental flange and hub
  • Readily available in popular sizes / gradings

    Cone Polisher:
  • Vitrified bonded stone gives longer operational life
  • Rubber brake consumption is reduced significantly
  • Better shining and whitening of rice
  • Easy fitting of stone due to specially designed metal assembly
  • Rice breakage is reduced by 3% to 4%

    Dal Rollers:
  • Pearl removal process becomes faster
  • Saving in pulse breakage by 0.5 to 1%
  • Protein % in pulse is higher with Sterling stone than conventional stone
  • Life of Sterling stone will be at least 3 to 4 times higher than conventional stone life
  • Saving in electricity cost

    Chinese Rollers:
  • Better rice whitening and shining
  • Rice broken will be minimised
  • reduction in power consumption
  • Longer life of abrasives stone
  • Higher rice output per hour
  • No self life
  • No effect of temperature variation on quality of stone

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