Problem and causes for abrasive rollers

Problem: Roller Breakage

  • Flange fitting not proper
  • Space between rollers uneven
  • Foreign material like nut, bold in between
  • Due to faulty design of machine

Problem: Wearing out fast

Causes: Wrong selection of grading

Problem: Chipping from sides

Causes: Space between rollers not maintained

Problem: Not matching in dia

Causes: Clearance between bore and flange is more

Problem: Breakage of rice

Causes: Use of hard grading

Sterling recommends following tips to get maximum performance from their Vitrified cone polisher stones

1) It is necessary to install De-stoner / Sizer (as per plant capacity) before cone polisher to prevent entry of stone particles. Sizer speed should be max 30 to 40 RPM and screen hole should be 3 mm depend upon rice.

2) It is recommended to use Powerful magnet to avoid entry of iron particles and it should be clean on regular interval.

3) Add maximum about 10 to 15% husk in polisher to get better polishing / higher oil %.

4) Rubber brake length should be same as per stone length.

5) Gap between Stone & Screen must be maintained as per recommendation of OEM.

6) For Shella rice, moisture % should be maintained between 14 to 16%.

7) Pl do not attempt to paste cone stone with metal assembly. Do not assemble stone if bore is loose or tight.

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